Pamela Anderson Heads to Good Morning America (107 Photos + Video)

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Pamela Anderson arrives to Good Morning America in New York City, 03/23/2022. The 54-year-old “Baywatch” actress and model wore a white dress with a pair of clear heels.


Pamela Anderson says her ‘unexpected’ Broadway debut in Chicago is a ‘moment for me to shine’ as she appears on Good Morning America.

Pamela Anderson is ready for her comeback. The Baywatch actress, 54, will soon make her Broadway debut as Roxie Hart in Chicago. The eight-week engagement is set for April 12 through June 5, 2022 at the Ambassador Theatre in New York City.

Appearing GMA, Anderson admitted the demanding career move is ‘unexpected’ for her, but said it was time for her to reenter the spotlight.

She said: “It’s good timing. My kids are grown. My kids are my biggest cheerleaders. I feel like it’s time. I need a challenge. I needed to do something. I needed this. I’ve been kind of gone for a while, you know, and I’m back.” Anderson explained she likes to push herself to the point where she gets the ‘crazy feeling that you can’t do something and then you surprise yourself’. She added: “You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try it. So that’s what I’m really curious about is what can I actually do? Because I kind of haven’t applied myself to much in my life, except for my children. This is a really great opportunity for me. I’m just so blessed and lucky. I’m just jumping off the bridge into it and doing everything I can, and I’m surprising myself singing and dancing. The role is fantastic. It’s just unbelievable that anyone even offered me this kind of role, so I’m gonna give it all I have. I’m not gonna let myself down; I’m not gonna let my family down. I feel like this is really a moment for me to shine. I’m doing this for myself, which is rare.”

Looking back at starting her career on TV with Baywatch, she said: “I didn’t know if I was capable of that, now I don’t know if I’m capable of this. But I have a feeling I am. And I’m gonna go for it. It’s all unexpected and much appreciated.” Other big names who have portrayed Roxie’s dance shoes onstage over the years include Ann Reinking, Ashlee Simpson Ross and Michelle Williams, as well as Renée Zellweger in the 2002 Chicago film adaptation opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones as rival and fellow murderess Velma Kelly. Anderson also confirmed she’s working on telling her storied life in an upcoming documentary for Netflix. She revealed the doc will currently be two episodes. Anderson did not make any comment regarding the recently Hulu show ‘Pam & Tommy’.